We Make Ease of Legalese 

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Myra S. Mitzman

Attorney at Law



About Our Practice

You know how some lawyers care more about billing hours than meeting your business needs? At MSMLaw, we value your bottom line more than our billable time. We respect your business goals and perform like a finely-tuned engine, making short work of documenting your deals while delivering the work product you need, when you need it.

Myra and her vetted backup team are experienced transactional attorneys who practice nothing but commercial real estate and general business law. We know this stuff inside-out and are committed to bringing value to your deals while keeping our fees sane and on-budget.

At MSMLaw, we understand you have better things to do than spend valuable time dealing with confounding legal documentation. But at the same time, you recognize that sloppy legal drafting can lead to costly, time-consuming disputes and litigation—with potentially disastrous consequences. Our job is to cover your back and help you understand the rules of the game so you aren’t blind-sided or “out-lawyered” by the other party.
We paper your transaction correctly the first time, so you're not fighting over vague or missing terms later on.

If you own, buy or sell office, shopping center or industrial property, or are starting, buying or selling a small to mid-sized business, you don't want to go it alone. Let us break it down for you. We stay on top of your transaction from start to finish—drafting, reviewing and negotiating your contracts; guiding you through the maze of due diligence, financing and closing documents; and providing crucial advice and counsel every step of the way.

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